The 7-Day Cleanse

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It's for you if...

1. You've tried every diet and nothing seems to stick

2. You're tired of counting calories and being hungry

3. You want to JUST EAT and not gain weight

4. You're on a horrible carb-craving / nightly bingeing cycle you can't get off of

It's NOT for you if...

1. You have a serious health condition that's under medical supervision (get permission first please)

2. You can't let go of counting calories

3. You won't eat carrots because they have carbs

4. You're not open to surrendering control with your diet (because you're going to have to)

What You Get

An invite to our private support group, Cleanse Club

Daily chat access to registered dietitian, Jenny Champion

Shopping list with product links

Day-by-day survival tips

Sample meal ideas



Resources & references

Sample Meals


Six-egg omelet
Chopped green veggies & breakfast sausage


Grilled salmon
Chopped lettuce or spinach, bell pepper & tomato with olive oil & vinegar topped with avocado slices


Broiled pork loin
Steamed asparagus, broccoli or cauliflower with grass-fed butter

What Past Cleansers Are Saying

“Jenny is an absolute genius when it comes to this cleanse. Without her, I could not have lost the almost 70 lbs that I did. I am ready to reach my goal within the next couple of months and I could not be more excited about it. Let’s do this together. Best of luck to you all!!” -Jennifer


“The cleanse was probably one of the most successful cleanses I’ve ever done. It was a jumpstart for my system and not only helped me lose a few pounds but also made me tune into my eating habits (and my kids!) I felt so good and my sweet tooth cravings weren’t nearly as frequent. The support from the cleanse Facebook group was awesome and offered such a sense of community where any questions were answered quickly. I can’t wait to cleanse again!” -Julianna


“Did this cleanse do  what I hoped for? Yes  and again YES. and that all in 7 days:?!? I have been able to do a mindshift and focus on healthy eating again. The support by Jenny and the posts by the other challengers on Facebook were AMAZING! I was looking forward to my daily email from Jenny and thoroughly enjoyed her chats. I firmly believe that eating should never be about deprivation, but a celebration of food that is provided for us by our heavenly Father. Two years ago I started eating whole unprocessed food, also excluding all mass produced sauces and added sugars from my diet. For two years I have been living a healthier, more positive and energetic lifestyle and lost a total of 25 kg. The paleo cleanse came at a time when I was starting to get bored with my eating plan – dangerous,  as boredom means cheating for me.

My weight loss was not huge after the cleanse , but then I do not want to lose much. I am back at goalweight again. (the nut butter jar is empty… I will just blame the small weight loss on this). I have lots of energy again, and I cope a bit better at stress. I left the best for last!! I can exercise again. The pain and inflammation in my legs are gone! I used to train , do races and hike  a lot the last 2 years. But that stopped abruptly 7 weeks ago when I  had a Sciatica injury and would sometimes cry because of the pain. I realised on the evening of Day 3 of this cleanse that I did not rub my leg the whole day like I usually did for a while now. Since then I started body weight training and was confidently enough to enter a 5km color run (which I decided to rather walk to be on the safe side) With no pain whatsoever.

My friend, and Sugarfree buddy completed it with me. We celebrated our victory with the cleanse – and no slips – by completing a 5km color run. I can not wait for the next challenge! P.S. The Sciatica injury is still a thing of the past” -Heidi


“I really enjoyed the Cleanse!  Not only did it help get my eating habits back on track, but I realized that I don’t need carbs to keep me full.  I really feel it is a mindset shift and once it happens, carbs no longer have the control over your life.  The best part is losing the puffiness around my belly and love handle area.  I’ve also noticed how much more stable my mood has become and how much more energy I have. Thank you Jenny for the great support and I cannot wait for the next one!!!!” -Steffanie


“So I’m that girl. You know the short one with big hips, the one who can look at food and gain a pants size, the one who has tried every diet, fad, pill, and exercise regimen out there to try and lose weight and/or keep it off but always unsuccessful.

I was skeptical at first to try the Cleanse. I could think of a million reasons why not to do it. I was in the middle of moving, trying to pack and handle a son and a puppy as a single parent since my husband was already in our new town, and I mean who wants to give up carbs FOREVER?!?!?! And if I didn’t stick with it for life how much weight would I re-gain?

Despite my reservations I am I so glad I decided to give it a try! What I came to realize through that week was that this was completely different from anything I’ve ever done before. It was becoming a lifestyle change. I was learning to check food labels and be more aware of what I was feeding myself and my family. Through Jenny’s check-ins and emails I was becoming more educated on how the cleanse process was working to better my body.  The Facebook group was incredibly supportive. It gave everyone the chance to be encouraged, to give/receive tips and advice, and most importantly it gave the opportunity to be honest with others and yourself about your daily habits.

This cleanse opened my eyes about my own habits. The urge to mindlessly snack and my constant craving for chocolates or something sweet. It helped me to discover what my triggers were and how to push through to stay on track. Don’t get me wrong, I have had missteps or bad choice days.. but what I have learned from those are that my body feels and reacts worse when those happen. Which in turn gives me all the more incentive to stay on track and feeling better!

I can’t recommend this cleanse enough. I am so thankful for Jenny, her willingness to be so generous with her knowledge, encouragement, and support. I hope that anyone reading this will do as I did and take the chance.  I promise you won’t regret that you did!” -Jessica


I love Jenny’s 7-Day Paleo Cleanse! It’s an easy to follow, kickass plan to break up with junk food and starting a new relationship with a healthy, clean lifestyle. This plan is perfect for trying Paleo for the first time or if you just need a quick cleanse to get back on track.”  -Melissa


“I was really doubtful in the beginning about how successful I would be with this cleanse. I mean no sugar-no carbs-no snacking!?! Impossible? NOPE!  I’m an on-the-go teacher and mommy of two active girls, but I embraced this challenge because I deserve to feel good about myself. I lost 5 lbs and 2% body fat, as well as getting myself back in track with healthy eating habits. So this was a win-win week for me! Thank you, Jenny, again for your program and advice, and everyone for their posts of delicious looking food and inspiration. Sign me up for the next one!” -Kristin


“I lost four pounds on the cleanse. I mean hey, it works! You’ve just gotta get through day three and don’t smell any cake.” -Joanna


The Cleanse

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